Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama, Mallorca Spain, July 2019

Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama, Mallorca Spain, July 2019 Wellness

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Spend a week in the hills above Cala Deia, in a villa reached surrounded by ancient olive groves. Restore yourself on all levels.

Let's rise and shine with outdoor yoga while the first rays of daylight kiss your skin.
Mimi helps you unwind, relax and at the same time guide you to find your new strength and balance in your yoga practice by deep diving into the technique of asanas and finding the power of the core with Pilates.

We use the style Hatha Yoga to find alignment in postures and breathing techniques to let energy flow.
On top we add some beautiful hikes which will compliment the yoga practice perfectly!

Give yourself time to just be.
After we enjoyed Son Rullan majestic sunset views we will end the day with Yin Yoga and meditation finding your inner bliss and getting you prepared for a good night's sleep....

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Find out more about the Yoga retreat by visiting the website here>

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