Mallorca May

Mallorca May 01/05/22
May Blog by Hanne Holmen

The hard top has now been swapped for the soft top on my old, rugged Suzuki Samurai, and it’s time for some fun, roofless, off-road driving!

The tourist season has kicked off in Portals, and I can’t wait for the summer to set in. For the Mediterranean’s warm, salty water to embrace my body while I’m floating in the oscillating waves like driftwood, listening to the soothing sounds of the sea...
Oh, how I long for the heat. To be chilling in beach bars, enjoying the occasional Mojito or Sangria. Eating plenty of ice cream and tons of fresh salads. Warm nights filled with happy people of all ages. Creating memories together. All part of the vibrant island vibe. And I love every little detail of it. I wouldn’t change if for the world.
Welcome to Mallorca. Welcome to my piece of heaven.
Take care!