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Looking for the best estate agents in Mallorca? NANO MUNDO Properties is a consulting agency specialising in property investments on the Mediterranean island which lies on the east coast of Spain. If you’re in need of help to secure your dream property, look no further than our team of real estate experts.

Why choose NANO MUNDO Properties?

As professional and dedicated estate agents in Mallorca,we offer personal assistance and provide safe guidance from the start of the property search all the way through the purchase process. Thanks to this, you are free to enjoy the exhilarating transition to Mallorcan property owner without worries. We cooperate with renowned lawyers to ensure a safe purchase.

Mallorca Estate Agents Making a Difference

With our different backgrounds, strengths and experiences, we offer a unique combination of intercultural experience and awareness. We use this knowledge when guiding our customers through the jungle-like property purchase process here on Mallorca, aiming to make the transition as smooth and pleasant as possible, and with a better understanding of this wonderful island life. Each customer has distinct needs, and no process is the same, so we tailor-make every purchase to suit your specific needs. And that is what makes us one of the most popular estate agents in Mallorca.

We take pride in our work and do our best to deliver high-quality service and hope you soon will grow to love this Mediterranean dream as much as we do.

At NANO MUNDO Properties, we care for and love Mallorca. We handpicked this spot – separately - each of us according to our own criteria – because this island has everything you can ever wish for – all on one plate.

We know Mallorca by heart.

We are a small, diverse and dedicated team
Let us help you realise YOUR dream.


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We speak Scandinavian, English, German, Dutch and Spanish.

Nano Mundo Team     

LARS NYGAARD is Danish and lives in Mallorca with his family. Lars has held a number of executive positions in Spain, UK, Denmark and Sweden.
Lars is a quite energetic person, and the beautiful climate here on Mallorca allows him to enjoy lots of outdoor activities, such as jogging, mountain hiking, padel etc. He loves meeting new people and sharing stories about life.
His absolute favourite time is spent with his children, and they love to go cliff jumping into the inviting, turquoise sea near their home in Deià.
His morning coffee is usually savoured out on the terrace while taking in the spectacular views over the Tramuntana mountains and the Mediterranean Sea below.

Team members     

HANNE HOLMEN is Norwegian and has lived in Mallorca with her family since 2000.
Hanne has a passion for interior design and architecture and has worked as a real estate consultant on the island for more than a decade.
She also enjoys rustic finca restorations, classic cars, summer sailing and snorkelling.
Her home is frequently occupied by animals in foster care through volunteer work for SOS Animal Mallorca.
Her favourite activity is more laidback, though, because she loves sitting outside at local cafés, sipping a cold drink, engaging in lively discussions and watching people go by.…

Thomas Doyon

THOMAS DOYON is Swedish and has over the years both worked and spent time on Mallorca. He lives in Stockholm, Mälarhöjden with his family. Thomas has held a number of executive positions in the IT and Telecom industry but spent the last 4 years in the coffee industry. During his time as a guide on Ving he also met, fell in love and worked with his wife on Mallorca. They now share the love to Mallorca with their three grown-up children. Living in Stockholm gives Thomas the opportunity to really long for and enjoy the time spent on Mallorca and the season he enjoys most is September and October. The water is still warm and the Island is then resting in the aftermath from a hectic summer. The perfect day on Mallorca is started in the morning on the golf course followed up with a long lunch to summon up the golf round. The afternoon is best enjoyed on one of the many great beaches close to Palma or on one of the calas close to Cala D`Ór He also enjoys tennis, wandering in the mountains and doing a really good work out in the gym.

PETRA SCHUTTEL is from Holland and lives near Amsterdam with her family. She moved recently to the island of Mallorca. She appreciates the quality of life Mallorca has to offer: the cosmopolitain and lively town of Palma and the beautiful nature around Alaro where she has a cosy Finca. She enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle: hiking and mountainbiking in the Sierra de Tramuntana and sailing in the summer.
Petra’s background is in marketing and property development and she has a nose of finding ‘pearls’. With a big interest in architecture and design she loves to follow the trends in restoring houses and villas and decorating. Petra offers the Dutch and German clientele of Nanomundo Properties a personal assistance in their own language and helps them finding their dreamhouse on Mallorca.

Michelle Morfitt is English and has lived in Mallorca with her children since 2010. Michelle has a keen eye for property values and has close to 30 years’ experience trading real estate in the USA, the Caribbean, the UK and in Mallorca. Michelle chose to educate her three children here in Mallorca and is an expert on the excellent school choices and can recommend an abundance of extra-curricular activities and enrichment programs for students. In her spare time, you will find Michelle either hiking in the mountains with her dogs, riding horses on the beach or watching football.

Michelle thinks Mallorca is the right place for you if you want to:

  • Blend in with deep cultural traditions, while enjoying progressive education and art scenes
  • Immerse yourself within a rich historical past, and rely on cutting edge technology
  • Appreciate protected natural beauty, and depend on efficient transportation and communication networks.

Sebastian Becerra is Spanish and South African and lives in Mallorca. After completing his bachelor’s degree in investment management, Sebastian came to a small town in the northwest of Mallorca. The steep mountains complemented by the warm, turquoise water led Sebastian to find his home in the beautiful town of Deià. Known for its artistic creativity and refreshing summers, Deià also offers a plethora of outdoor activities. You can find Sebastian hiking and jogging along the Sierra de Tramuntana or tanning and swimming in the blue sea. Sebastian also has a passion for art, photography, and enjoys the company of friends over a morning coffee.