Mallorca in February 2022

Mallorca in February 2022 01/02/22


Maybe the most breath-taking month of the year here on Mallorca.
The captivating almond blossom is busy dressing the island in white and pink. Underneath the trees, yellow flowers are competing with fresh, green grass. Spring is in the air.

The soft dew covering the fields invites you to step out and start a new day. The crisp morning air, refreshing your lungs with every breath. A line of pale fog is dividing the landscape from the light blue sky, creating a magical scenery. Soon, the sun will heat the air, the fog will fade, and the dew will thaw.
The birds continue chirping, searching for breakfast.
Serenity. The simple life. The good life…

Time for my morning coffee. Have an invigorating month!
Almond blossom
Photo by K.H.
Almond House
Photo by K.H.
Photo by