Mallorca in January 2018

Mallorca in January 2018 05/01/18
Mallorca Blog by Hanne Holmen

The fiestas continue here on the island, but soon, the decorations will be stowed away until next Christmas.
I know that as soon as the Three Kings have arrived, and the 6th is over, it’s business as usual. Suddenly everything is “urgent”.

Luckily, on this island, “urgent” doesn’t imply “immediately”. We always have mañana.
And that’s exactly what I love about this island. We simply have to relax, lower our shoulders.

A coffee break is more important than work. Chit-chat is considered a must, a polite gesture, and it should not be rushed. At any cost. People are waiting patiently in line, while the cashier is exchanging pleasantries with a customer.

It’s the same when entering a store, a pharmacy or any waiting room: You smile and greet everyone with a “buenos días”, and you are no longer a stranger. People always find things to talk about, while waiting. No one is annoyed. No one is in a hurry. They live in the moment.
If we take that away, we are left with the busy life we tried to escape…

Until mid January, I expect the weather to be fairly mild, and then, suddenly, temperatures usually drop, and varies on the colder scale until mid March. - By cold, I mean 10-15 degrees during the day. Perfect time for some warm afternoon tea or cocoa, and a good book in front of the fireplace.

So, here we are, in the land of dreams, in the pure essence of ‘holiday’. Why would anyone ever leave this delightful island?

Have a stress-free January!

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