Mallorca in December 2017

Mallorca in December 2017 01/12/17

Mallorca Blog by Hanne Holmen

The Christmas lights are shining all over Palma, filling people with warm feelings of joy and hope, and putting smiles on their faces. The smell of roasted chestnuts and sounds of exited children, create the perfect holiday ambience.

In Mallorca, we have a very special season ahead. Because of the international mix of residents, including Spanish, British, German and Scandinavian citizens, we have the pleasure of celebrating different holidays all through December, not stopping until End January.

We get to experience different traditions, with the most spectacular one being the arrival of the three Kings, and of course the amazing fireworks of San Sebastián in Palma, but we also have the Swedish celebration of Santa Lucia on December 13. Oh, joy! Not much time for work, though… ;-)

Being Norwegian, I have often missed the white Christmas here on Mallorca, but we have learned to find new ways to treasure the darkest season of the year.
Now it's time to start decorating, sort out presents, and more importantly, get creative in the kitchen. – Think I’ll pop by some of the many Christmas markets on the island for inspiration and ideas!

Have a happy holiday season!

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