Reasons to Invest in North West Mallorca Property

Reasons to Invest in North West Mallorca Property 01/08/20

The beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca offers so much to see and do, but the North West Coast is arguably one of the most picturesque regions on offer. It boasts spectacular countryside, traditional villages and a mountainous backdrop that’s both enchanting and awe-inspiring. Whether you’re interested in a life by the sea or want to head down the beaten track to somewhere more secluded, North West Mallorca property offers great real estate investment opportunities. Its unique charm and character is appealing to anyone and everyone, so there’s no wonder that so many people dream of moving to this fantastic part of Mallorca.

Why Choose North West Mallorca

With the Tramuntana mountains meeting the Mediterranean Sea, you get a sense that you’re somewhere special when you’re in North West Mallorca. The area itself offers breathtaking views and a mild summer climate that many people dream of. It’s not as popular with tourists when compared to more built-up parts of the island, so you’re almost guaranteed a nice, quiet life. And that’s what we believe is one of the main selling points when it comes to North West Mallorca property.

Long, winding roads add to the region’s attractiveness so you’re sure to experience captivating views no matter where on the road you are. If you’re someone who prefers to travel by foot, there are endless routes and walking trails for you to explore. From gentle coastal walks to strolls through the countryside to treks up the mountain, North West Mallorca is a walker’s paradise.

Living in North West Mallorca

Choosing a property in North West Mallorca means that you get to benefit from the surrounding natural beauty while being in a relaxed location that still has plenty of amenities nearby. Though it may not offer the large, sandy beaches, what it does provide you with is so much more. The North West Coast perfectly captures the Mallorcan charm while offering the traditional lifestyle associated with Spain. What’s more, there’s plenty of unspoilt nature among quaint villages that people living here adore so much.

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Things to Do in the Area

When looking for a new home, what the area itself offers plays a huge part in the decision making process. The good news about choosing North West Mallorca property is that there’s plenty of things to do and places to see close by. Towns and villages are great places to start, but let’s take a look at some of our favourite things to do:

  • Visit the sacred site of Lluc
  • See the Mallorca countryside on the Palma to Sóller train
  • Find your way to the western cove of Sa Calobra
  • Walk around the Raixa estate
  • Discover the Jardines de Alfabia (an impressive country house and garden)

Cycling - Mallorca is a popular island among cyclists of all abilities. The North West region is popular among those with experience because of the trickiness of the winding and sloping roads. The cycle routes themselves are pretty smooth and quiet and there are various paths you can take to make sure you don’t repeat the same journey time and time again.

Walking - As we mentioned earlier, North West Mallorca has an abundance of walking routes. The possibilities are endless and you can spend hours exploring the number of paths on offer. Weather conditions here are perfect for year-round walking and there are stunning views on offer no matter what the month is.

Beach Days - North West Mallorca is known more for its mountains than its beaches. However, there are a few that offer visitors the perfect opportunity to have some wind-down time. To feel the sand between your toes, you’ll want to head to Port de Soller, Cala Tuent or Torrent de Pareis. Deia, Banyalbufar and Estellencs are more like shingle coves but are still beautiful additions to the coastline.

North West Mallorca Property Prices

Real estate in North West Mallorca is vast and varied. It's the versatility of North West Mallorca property that helps the area to appeal to people of all ages. From beautiful townhouses to remarkable villas, many homes here are ideally situated. Property prices in North West Mallorca are reasonable and can vary depending on what you want or where specifically you’re looking. You can pick up a 3-bedroom villa for around €1,290,000 (£1,191,321.45) while a 5-bedroom townhouse can be purchased for €2,700,000 (£2,493,463.50).