Mallorca January

Mallorca January 11/01/21

Mallorca Blog by Hanne Holmen

The sky is overwhelmingly blue and without a cloud in sight, and the air feels clean and fresh. December is gone, and January is once again giving us a chance to start a new year with a clean slate.
I have already begun my new morning routines – I just hope I won’t abandon them too soon…

I love this time of year.
The island is usually filled with lovely, sunny weather, lots of peace and quiet, and you have all the white, sandy beaches to yourself. The sound of the ripples is soothing, and the bright sun makes the sea sparkle like diamonds on top of the translucent water.

On land, vivid, green grass has forced its way through the dirt, and yellow flowers are popping up everywhere. Feels like spring is in the air…
But we know that the real winter is on its way, and come February, we will be gathering around the crackling fireplace covered in comfy blankets, enjoying big mugs of hot chocolate and dreaming of summer...

Have a magical new year!