Mallorca November

Mallorca November 04/11/18

Mallorca Blog by Hanne Holmen

The island is changing. The hot summer has left together with most of the tourists. Calm is embracing every corner, and once again we have the delightful island to ourselves. The beaches, the mountains, the countryside, the idyllic fishing villages… Ahhh… My heart skips a beat just thinking about it! As you know, I never get tired of this island. Because it isn’t simply one place. It’s a multitude of places and experiences, ambiances, architecture, sceneries, people - and lots of events and adventures…

November is actually a good time to visit the different markets on the island. Every day you can find one, somewhere. The majority are regular village markets, with fresh produce, cheese, clothes and a plethora of other items, and some are second hand and antique markets.

Today I plan a trip to the countryside where I will enjoy a glass of red in the sun, watching the birds feasting in the fields, while listening to some chill music. Later I might pop in for a snack at the village pub. - What better way to spend a November Sunday? And I need to charge my batteries before December, the month of fiestas!

Island markets:

Countryside in November