Mallorca July

Mallorca July 04/08/18

Mallorca Blog by Hanne Holmen

The heat is on. The warm, humid air feels like a thick wall as you exit the door. A swim in the sea is the best way to cool down. - Luckily, this is a Mediterranean island, and we have 262 beaches to choose from! Find the best ones here:

Come evening, and the air changes to a soft, soothing breeze, fit for lightly sunburned skin. People are dining out. Excited. Happy. Relaxed. Stream of music from local bars and restaurants is mixed with chatter and bouts of laughter. Oh, what joyful sounds!

The tourists are arriving in busloads. The island is brimming with an enthusiastic holiday vibe. Smiles to be seen everywhere you look. The good ambiance is quite contagious.

Personally, I’ve been busy designing a wine cabinet for a client lately, and project managed and furnished their property, including contracting services like phone, internet, alarm etc. It’s been very exciting! I’ve been going to and from Alcudia countless of times during the last months, and I feel privileged every hour spent in the car, driving across this wonderful island and seeing its characteristic scenery and charming architecture. But, everything comes to an end, and so does this project. I look forward to seeing the result!

By the way, I didn’t go paragliding last month after all, …but my mom did! – And she is in her eighties!!! She said it was the most liberating experience in her life, and she didn’t want it to end! If you are up for the challenge, just send me an email, or go to:

Now it’s time for siesta, and I consider going for some snorkelling in beautiful Portals Vells! :-D

I hope you too get to experience this island and all its magic.

Have an adventurous summer! <3