Mallorca in March 2018

Mallorca in March 2018 01/03/18

Mallorca Blog by Hanne Holmen


I’m so excited. My favourite event is coming up this month. More precisely the yearly Rally Clásico Mallorca on 8-10 of March. Classic car enthusiasts can watch skilful drivers in stunning cars competing on the amazing roads we have on this island. Perfect for this spectacular rally. The cars are on show in the vibrant Puerto Portals on the first day, and for anyone with a passion for vintage cars, I strongly recommend a visit. These cars are like works of art. Perfect fusion between beauty and power.

Hopefully the weather will be of equally high quality during the event…

I must admit, I love driving on the mountain roads in Mallorca. Especially with a classic car. It gives a whole new dimension to the driving experience. You have to be vigilant and active. It’s pure exhilaration. A real adrenaline kick. So, I can hardly wait for the next month’s rally, Pujada PuigMajor Revival 2018, a competition even I can participate in…

Have fun!

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PuigMajor Revival rally:




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