Mallorca June

Mallorca June 01/06/21

June Blog by Hanne Holmen

Summer has started, and the air is getting warmer by the day, slowly heating the sea and the countless pools around the island. Children are playing happily in the water after the colder winter months.
Tourists are seen everywhere, many with their small backpacks, sun protective caps and white winter legs sticking out from newly bought shorts. Most seem curious and interested. In fact, they often know more about the places they visit than the residents! Still, some can be found walking or biking in the most unusual places - even on the motorway...
At times they are simply lost, but they remain adventurous, invigorated by the new surroundings and sweet summer breeze. Their reward is within reach – soon they’ll find a café with ice-cold drinks and maybe a relaxing meal to top off the day’s adventure. And then maybe a revitalizing swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Exhausted from all the fresh air and new impressions, they take a Spanish siesta before preparing for dinner. In the evening, the white winter legs have been exchanged with pink, lightly sunburned skin.
This is what I call a HOLIDAY!
Now, anyone up for some paragliding??? :-)
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Palma tourists
Palma Tourists
Morning Boat
Always a quiet spot to be found - even during the high season
Paragliding view
Paragliding views