Mallorca in April 2018

Mallorca in April 2018 02/04/18

Mallorca Blog by Hanne Holmen

Imagine waking up in paradise, more precisely in the lavishly beautiful Casa Sa Mar in the quaint village of Sóller. The soft morning light trying to make its way through the wooden shutters, gently letting you know that a new day is dawning.

The thought of newly brewed coffee is triggering your hunger. For coffee. Food. For Life.
Outside, birds are singing, children are playing, and the friendly chatter from the neighbours are but distant sounds calming your soul.

You wander down to the kitchen, all the while taking in the exquisite serenity of the interior. Every inch of the house has been meticulously restored and decorated with graceful love and care.

Hugging the coffee mug, you enter the patio, while sipping the last drops of this black magic, before going for a morning swim in the inviting, private pool.
After a revigorating swim, you enjoy an ensaïmada with a glass of freshly squeezed Soller-orange juice before chilling out on one of the sun beds. You look forward to the upcoming dinner – friends and family are invited for an informal get together.

Later, you go for a stroll to the village market to buy fresh ingredients for the evening meal.
You plan to serve a typical Mallorcan cuisine. Brilliantly simple, yet amazingly delicious. Lots of tapas. Accompanied by rich, aromatic, local wine. And good company.

The special ambience of this unique and captivating property makes everyone feel at home. Your guests will be reluctant to leave, and of course, there is room for a few selected overnight guests, but best of all - you get to stay. Forever. ❤️

Dream on - or get in touch with us today to receive more information about this rare gem of a property, before anyone beats you to it!...

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